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    Want to get a supply of free tea and build your Instagram brand?

    Free Products

    Here at SkinnySteep, we partner with some of the biggest names on Instagram to be our Brand Ambassadors, but you don't need millions of followers in order to promote us and get free tea! Whether your account is huge or not so huge, let us know if you'd like to promote our products and if you're approved we'll send you free SkinnySteep products. 

    Build Your Brand

    When other businesses see that you're promoting SkinnySteep, one of the biggest detox tea brands in the US, that gives you instant credibility as an Instagram Influencer. This could lead to more free products and paid promotions from other brands. There's no better way to build up followers and let people know that you're an important Influencer than being a brand ambassador for a company like SkinnySteep.


    Becoming an Ambassador of SkinnySteep is super easy and costs absolutely nothing. Contact us to let us know that you're interested. Please provide your Instagram username.